How to Become a CNA Instructor

Every step that you take to further your career as a nurse only leaves you thirsty for the next step.

What height will your career reach?

When will you hit the position that fulfills on a personal level while satisfying your financial needs?

The journey is different for everyone, but some nurses feel quite content when they become a CNA instructor. They are in the field they love, have many employment options open to them, and earn a respectable living.

If you decide to become a CNA instructor, you will be put in charge of training future certified nursing assistants. You can work through any type of training program that prepares students to take state tests to earn their CNA certification.

This includes online programs, which may allow you to work with students from all over the country! Of course, many programs in your local community offer this training and will become potential employment opportunities as well.

CNA Instructor Qualifications
In order to become an instructor for future CNAs, you will have to be a registered nurse or licensed nurse practitioner with at least a couple years of work experience in the field. Someone with those qualifications would naturally oversee the job of a certified nursing assistant in the workforce, so they would also be qualified to instruct and train future CNAs.

cna instructor

The exact qualifications do vary from one state to another. Some states allow RNs to serve as instructors, while others require a more advanced degree. There will also be differences in requirements from one training program to another. Some will require more work experience than others.

The more education and experience you secure, the more employment opportunities you will open up for yourself in the future.

Would You Make a Great Teacher?
Besides the basic requirements for becoming a CNA instructor, there are some other things to consider. Do you think you have the personal qualities that make a great teacher? Some of these qualities include:

  • Patience
  • Organization
  • Consistency
  • Friendliness

A successful CNA instructor will have the patience to help students starting out with no nursing experience. They should be able to remain patient and helpful, even when a student is struggling or not comprehending everything being taught.

Someone taking a certified nursing assistant training program will rely on their instructor to help them master skills and absorb knowledge that will make them great nurses in the future.

You also must have a solid understanding of all knowledge taught in courses that prepare nurses to become certified assistants. If you have met the qualifications in terms of your own nurse training you should pass this, but make sure your training was in the recent past.

Things change from one year to the next, and you will be required to teach to the standards of today’s knowledge and course material.

If you enjoy working with others and have at least passed certification to become a registered nurse in your state, then you may be the ideal CNA instructor.

Check with your local hospital, community colleges, and other agencies offering certified nursing assistant courses to see what their requirements are for instructors. Then consider advancing your own education and experience so you become more desirable to hiring managers in search of new instructors.